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Respectful Schools

Through the Learners First Strategy we will develop successful, skilled and innovative Tasmanians.

Huonville High School seeks to forge and maintain positive and respectful relationships between all members of the school community. We seek to:

  • Promote compassion and cooperation
  • Effectively communicate
  • Build a culture of respect
  • Promote positive behaviour
  • Celebrate success and achievement
  • Create a safe and inclusive work environment.

School Values:

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is a framework that provides schools with a pathway to a safe, orderly and positive learning environment. SWPBS focuses on teaching, encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour – rather than on punishing negative behaviours. For more information on SWPBS, please visit PBIS:

Click Here To View The PBIS Website

Huonville High School began implementing SWPBS in term three, 2018. After an extensive consultation process involving teaching and non-teaching staff, community members and students we have arrived at the values that will be launched in term three, 2019:
Safety. Responsibility. Respect. Growth.

These values will be used to guide our development of a more positive school culture. They will inform the school-wide expectations that will also be launched in term three, and shape the lessons that are delivered to students in homeroom time.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this process, and we look forward to implementing the values in the second half of 2019.