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To assist parents/carers regarding information around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related to schooling, we have set up a page on the Community link. Hover over the Community tab and click on the COVID-19 page that appears. Another link is at the top of each web page.

To help inform students, parents and carers from the 7 to 10 Campus there is now a Learning at home link on the Curriculum tab. This link also appears in the navigation at the top of each page. Check here for 'how to documents' and general information. 

To keep Year 11/12 students, parents and carers up to date, there is now an 11/12 page set up on the Curriculum tab. This link also shows at the top of the page. Please check here regularly. There is now a Learning at home link on the Curriculum tab. This link also appears in the navigation at the top of each page. Check here for 'how to documents' and general information. 

New message from the Education Department April 20


The health, safety and wellbeing of Tasmanians is the Government’s number one priority as we face the challenges of COVID-19 together.

Refunding school levies paid to Government schools is one way we are trying to reduce financial pressures on parents and carers during this crisis.

The Government has fast tracked work to develop and implement a safe and secure process for parents/carers to provide their bank details to enable reimbursements directly into bank accounts.

From today until 1 May a simple online form and related instructions have been made available here:

The online form can be completed on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with internet capabilities. Safety and security steps have been built into this process to ensure complete confidentiality for parents/carers.

Once validation has occurred and the online form is completed and submitted the reimbursement of funds will occur within five business days.

The Department of Education will offer an alternative arrangement where this online option may not be possible.

For more information please visit:

Huonville High School

We are a co-educational comprehensive high school offering a secondary education for students from Years 7-12.

Servicing a rural community, the school is situated in the township of Huonville, 42 kilometres south of Hobart.  Huonville is the active centre of the Huon Municipality; a community of diverse socio-economic circumstances and interests.

The current enrolment of 412 students includes 85 Year 11/12 students undertaking courses either at our Advanced Learning Centre or the Huon Valley Trade Training Centre.  The Year 11/12 Extension program was introduced at the school in 2013, with the Huon Valley Trade Training Centre built in 2012 at a cost of six million dollars.  It provides a state of the art learning environment for trades including: construction, metal fabrication, automotive, hospitality, aquaculture and agriculture.

The majority of students enrolling in Year 7 do so from our associated primary schools: Glen Huon, Cygnet, Franklin, Geeveston and Huonville, although a small number of students come from out of area, including from Dover, Hobart and its suburbs, and the Lower Channel.

The main building, constructed in 1940, accommodates Grade 7, the Library and two computer suites.  There is a dedicated Japanese Language and Support Room. Other facilities include a dedicated Science block, Materials Design Technology area (Woodwork and Metalwork and Computer Assisted Drawing), and a Foods teaching area with a training and Catering Kitchen.  As well as a Gymnasium, the school has a purpose-built Performing Arts Complex for Music, Art and Drama. 

Since the beginning of 2016 the School Improvement Agenda has focussed around the key priorities of

  • Highly Effective Pedagogy; We are committed to developing and providing a highly effective teaching and learning program where teachers are continuously developing and learning from one another as part of a dynamic and innovative learning organisation; and

  • Positive School Culture; We strive to create an orderly, inclusive, supportive and respectful environment that promotes learning

Based on these priorities, in 2019 the focus has been on:

implementing a writing Inquiry Cycle to ensure that every student is writing every day in every class.

developing a culture of positive relationships with all members of the school community in order to establish a calm, safe and orderly learning environment.

Since 2018 the school has adopted the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support philosophy that has seen staff, students, parents and community members engaged in establishing our values of Safety (Caring for the physical and emotional wellbeing of ourselves and others), Responsibility (Recognising and accepting the impact of our choices), Growth (Improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things), and Respect (Respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment).

We welcome you to contact us for further information, or to arrange a visit to look at and discuss the opportunities available here for learners in Years 7 to 12 at our school.

Tel: 03 6264 0800


Principal: Geoff Williamson